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Poster printing is a highly popular form of printing. There are poster printers in every city. Everywhere you look you see posters or banners; from huge commercial posters advertising products or services, placed on bill boards around cities, all over the world; to small posters in peoples bedrooms reminding them of their favourite band or celebrity. Posters are everywhere. You can see posters printed in various languages; you can see posters in bars, restaurants and movie theatres. Everywhere you look you can see posters printed in full colour or various colours, or even black and white posters. Photobirdy can provide you with the very best in poster printing at the very best discount prices. Our quality is superb and our prices even more inviting ! You won't be disappointed. It can all be done via e-mail service too, so distance is of no problem at all. We print posters all over the United Kingdom. From fashion industry posters, movie theater posters, one off model posters and all manner of exciting images. Contact us direct and let's see how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone Banner Orders Direct

Alternatively telephone us direct on 02392 464412 and ask how we can print banners for you. We are waiting to help you save money and produce the best quality possible.

Payment must be in advance please to achieve the best possible prices. This can be done via credit card over the telephone once a price is agreed and also by cheque in the post. Or you are welcome to come and visit us. Once payment is received your order will begin immediately.

What is a poster ?

A poster is a piece of printed paper that has an image, design and/or text printed upon it. It is then placed on a surface to gain attention, produce a result, and advertise a product or just to communicate something to those who see it. Normally printed posters have both words and graphic elements; although a poster may be just graphic design or all printed words. Posters are generally created to catch the eye and pass on information of some sort to the viewer or reader. They are generally in public places and used extensively in advertising products, events and services. Posters are regularly used by advertisers, protestors and other groups, or individuals trying to communicate a message. Posters are also used for reproductions of artwork, particularly famous works, and are normally a low-cost way to have something colourful and attractive, compared to original artwork. Another type of printed poster is the educational poster and used in schools and universities. There is also huge popularity in collecting posters too. Many people collect and sell posters, and some famous posters have become quite valuable. Collectors' posters and vintage posters are usually framed. Posters are of all sizes shapes and colours.

Large format printing also describes printing onto posters and many companies use poster printers to provide them with a service. We at Photobirdy can provide you a superb poster printing service at discount prices. We specialise in being one of the best poster printers in the UK for quality printed posters; but with the added bonus of also offering low, low prices. So if you are a member of a band, a modeling agency, a school or university, a company, a shop or any form of commercial enterprise do get in contact with us. You will be amazed by our quality and very pleased with our prices.

You also don't have to travel. It can all be done from the comfort of your office or home. You can send all the poster files by e-mail too which not only saves you time but money also. You don't have to visit the poster printer. As long as the files are in the right format and at high resolution then we can print your posters and send them direct to you. You can telephone us to ask questions and if you want visit us. We can also take your credit card details over the telephone and payment is all done and dusted at the same time. How cool it that ! We offer amazing prices but all we ask is payment upfront. We help you save money but you must be fair to us and pay when you order. That way we can provide the very best quality at discount prices. Contact us now for poster printing at amazing prices.

Helpful Tip

Before you send any files simply check them and make sure they are high quality images with a high resolution. Most digital cameras produce high quality photos if you have them set correctly and they are perfect for providing files for printing posters. Please remember to check your digital photos are at least 4MB or larger and at least 300 dpi. We accept JPEG, TIFF, and BMP files. We use Photoshop and various graphic programs. Please do check with us first. So don't delay, contact us today and start to save money. You can contact us at anytime Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm on 02392 464412.

Remember too

Photobirdy produces some of the best quality 'photo on canvas' prints available. Our quality is considerably higher than many of the canvas printers on the web and we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality we possibly can at discount prices. We use the very best printing machines, use specialist canvas material and high quality inks. Quality is very important to us.

Old Photos

If you have any old photographs, not in digital format, that you would like to have enlarged and perhaps improved upon; then please e-mail us. It is hard to send them via this web site and we require you contact us direct by telephone or e-mail. Then you can organise to send them to us or come direct to the studio. Photobirdy can enlarge old original photographs but we need to see them first and let you know what we can do. Please go to the contact us page to write an e-mail or telephone our chosen printer, Bishops direct from there.

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