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Wildlife is word that refers to all living creatures, organisms, animals and plants on our planet that are non-domesticated. It refers to nature and the natural world. When talking of wildlife we think of lions, tigers, panda's, jungles, sharks, turtles, squirrels, fox, badger, bear, wasps, flies, spiders, ants, monkeys, gorilla, zebra, leopard, cheetah, dolphin, fish of all varieties, whales, elephants, flowers trees and so on and so on. It is a term that brings some controversy as it implies by the nature of the word that we human beings are separated from other species; which as we know we are not. In fact we are all part of the same natural world and all play an important role in its stability, harmony and continuance. But it is a word most recognize and still used by most to describe all that is not human and not domesticated. The natural world is of enormous fascination and interest to all human beings and there is a amazingly rich variance of life on our planet that is to be respected and looked upon in awe; all living creatures and plants have a vital role to play in our planets amazing life.

There are approximately 1.4 million species of life that are documented and more found every day. But this is a mere tiny fraction of what is actually living on our planet. The fact is we simply do not know but estimates are anywhere from 2million - 100 million species of life. Best estimates say around 10-12 million but nobody really knows as we have not found them all, or documented them and probably never will.

However one wonderful way to see some of the incredible species of wildlife on our planet is through photographic images. There are literally millions of wildlife photographers; both amateur and professional. These wonderful photographers bring us incredible images of animals and plants, places and scenery that many of us would never perhaps see. They bring the joy of life to our home in the form of books, or on the screens of our computers.

If you take photos of wildlife scenes or of animals or plants, then why you don't turn them into beautiful canvas prints. Wildlife photos on canvas look incredible. You can give them away as gifts or hand them on the wall.

Professional Photographer ‘Photos on Canvas’ Trade Discount Available

Photobirdy has produced many wildlife photos on canvas prints for both professional and amateur photographers. Some of the photographers even sell them on in the form of limited edition prints. If you would like a bulk rate or a special discount for trade situations, then please contact us. We are happy to talk to all professional photographers and amateur photographers. If we can help you and you are ordering larger numbers then let’s talk about a special discount which allows you to sell on to customers yourself. Professional photographer’s photos on canvas make ideal sense for you to display at shows or merely to sell at special events. Photobirdy can help with bulk rates.

Photobirdy can provide all your wildlife photos on canvas prints, at discount prices.  We specialise in being one of the best in the UK for quality photos on canvas; but with the added bonus of also offering low, low prices. If you have some photos you want to have on canvas, then why not try a wildlife photo on canvas print. They look fabulous. Check out our photo on canvas price page for further information, or go straight to the canvas order page to start ordering. Your prints can be with you as quickly as 5 days ! Order now and start saving money.

Helpful Tip

Before you send any files simply check them and make sure they are high quality images with a high resolution. Most digital cameras produce high quality photos if you have them set correctly and they are perfect for printing the photo onto canvas. Please remember to check your digital photos are at least 4MB or larger and at least 300 dpi. We accept JPEG, TIFF, and BMP files. So don't delay, order today and start to save those special memories.

Did You Know ?

Photobirdy produces some of the best quality 'photo on canvas' prints available. Our quality is considerably higher than many of the canvas printers on the web and we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality we possibly can at discount prices. We use the very best printing machines, use specialist canvas material and high quality inks. Quality is very important to us.

Please note: We do not sell photos or canvas prints of copyrighted wildlife images, or any persons images that are copyrighted, or do not have the models permission, or canvas prints of copyrighted photos. We print your photos you send us, onto canvas. We do not sell professional photographers photos on canvas or produce them to be sold unless by the original owner or legal copyright owner. We respect artists and photographers copyrights and ask you to please respect them too.  We waiver any and all responsibility of anyone who sells canvas prints of copyrighted images, or copyrighted photos without prior consent from the owner of the copyright. We are only interested in producing prints of your photos (that you own the copyright to and have taken yourself) for you to enjoy at home or give as a gift. Not for resale or to abuse or break any laws referring to anyone’s copyright or any government, or company copyright or person’s copyright. When you place an order with us you are automatically accepting that you own the copyright of the photograph/image, or have permission from the copyright owner. Photobirdy nor any of its employees or sub contractors, or Bishops (Hayling Island) LTD as its chosen printer; can be held responsible in anyway if you abuse or break copyright laws. And we do not condone it or act knowingly in any way to break anyone’s copyright. So please do not send us copyrighted images or use us to resell canvases of anyone’s copyrighted photo or image that you do not have legal permission to do so, or the copyright owner’s permission. We only produce canvas’s for personal use and not for resale unless you specifically own the copyright and it is your responsibility not ours to make sure you adhere to the copyright laws. By ordering a canvas from us you are responsible for the copyright and are acknowledging this when you place your order. Thank you for respecting this.

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