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Why don’t you have a canvas print produced of your motorcycle ? Check out what it looks like on your living room wall. Photobirdy’s motor bike photos on canvas prints look fabulous. Whether it’s a Ducati, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Laverda, Kawasaki, Norton, Honda, Vespa, Lambretta or even an Orange County Choppers bike; they all look amazing as a photo on canvas print.

Ever since the American, Sylvester Howard Roper invented a two-cylinder, steam-engine motorcycle (powered by coal) in 1867 the motorcycle or motorbike has become symbol of freedom, rebellion, ease of use and economical form of transport.  So if you have some good quality digital images on your computer why not have them printed onto canvas. You can enlarge them and hang them on the wall.  Give them away as birthday or Christmas gifts or simply hang them on your club wall. So don’t delay order today. You will be amazed with the wonderful results.

Ace Café - London

Perhaps you may go to the Ace Café in Stonebridge, London; a place of nostalgia, where they have lost of motorcycle gatherings or rallies. These events make great photos opportunities and they can then be turned into printed photos on canvas.

This old transport café was opened in 1938 and due to its 24 hour opening, attracted many of the original Ton Up Boys/Girls of the 1950’s and rockers in the 1960’s. The Ace Café’s real claim to fame was when it was used as a location of the 1964 film Leather Boys. In the past it has also been used for Fifth Gear and for ITV program Used Car Roadshow. It has also featured in the BBC television series By Any Means with Charley Boorman; mentioned as a favorite for Ewan McGregor by his wife in the documentary, Long Way Don; and the 2008 film Freebird. Rockers and motorcyclists from all over the world go to the Ace cafe to talk, fix bikes and see the legend café itself. The cafe now has an extensive calendar of get together for both bikes and cars to cater for everyone. It is also approved for weddings so if you want get married check it out. See our photo on canvas wedding page for further ideas. If you have photos on your pc now, then don’t delay order today !

Helpful Tip

Before you send any files simply check them and make sure they are high quality images with a high resolution. Most digital cameras produce high quality photos if you have them set correctly and they are perfect for printing the photo onto canvas. Please remember to check your digital photos are at least 4MB or larger and at least 300 dpi. We accept JPEG, TIFF, and BMP files. So don't delay, order today and start to save those special memories.

Did You Know ?

Photobirdy produces some of the best quality 'photo on canvas' prints available. Our quality is considerably higher than many of the canvas printers on the web and we pride ourselves on giving you the best quality we possibly can at discount prices. We use the very best printing machines, use specialist canvas material and high quality inks. Quality is very important to us.

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